SDTC Tech Fund

SDTC Tech Fund

SDTC runs a number of programs (SD Tech, SD Natural Gas, NextGen BioFuels, & Joint funds with AI-EES & CCEMC).  Below we’re highlighting only the SD Tech Fund – but eligibility and application criteria do change for each program, so consult directly with the program & the SDTC website.  

Official weblink:(

Contact Advisor:(613) 234-6313 or

Timeline: Funding rounds (for different funds) opened regularly (annual or bi-annual)

Company Eligibility:

  • Innovation technology, potential to displace existing tech (you own rights to IP)
  • Technology is beyond proof-of-concept (but not yet commercial), ready for real-world demo/piloting
  • SME Canadian corporations, for-profit (some options for nonprofit), focus on clean-tech solutions
  • Need to form a consortium of at least 2 partners for project (one a market validation partner)
  • Focus on reduction of GHG emissions, reduce contaminations in water, soil and air
  • Have access to funding at least 2/3 of the Project costs.  SDTC allows up to 75% government funding (all levels) in total. In-kind contributions are accepted from project partners.  

Project Eligibility:

  • Multi-phased application process; includes due diligence (Details here)
  • Typically between 1 and 5 years in duration
  • Special focus on challenges of climate change, clean air, soil and water:
    • Responsible Natural Resource Development
    • Carbon Free Power Generation and Distribution
    • Remote and Northern Community Utility Systems
    • Energy Efficiency of Industry and Communities
    • Next Generation Tech with Long-term Benefits to CND

Funding Programs:

  • Ranging from $300,000 to $15 million approximately
  • On average 33% of project funding, never more than 50% max, of project costs (Partner in-kind accepted); government funding from all levels can not exceed 75% in total.
  • Eligible expenses: Salary labour, Contracted services, field testing, feasibility studies, Licenses/Permits, Supplies and equipment (cost of purchase, rent, fabrication, and install supplies & equipment), reasonable travel, conference expenses, Shipping, Data collection services, capital costs for project (see full list here)   
  • Ineligible expenses: General Overhead, Cost to decommission a funded project, Costs associated with preparing a business plan, marketing study, licensing IP, fees on lobbying or government relation activities, contingency fees, legal, financial fees and costs.

The Government of Canada is strongly committed to supporting leading innovations that help create clean jobs, launch cutting edge clean-technologies, and promote economic and environmental sustainability within our communities and industries.  SDTC funding has supported over 300 projects over the years creating over 8,200 jobs while reducing an estimated 4.5 million tonnes of CO2 GHG emissions per year.  The best way to access your potential projects eligibility is to contact SDTC directly and discuss with an advisor your proposed project, working closely to communicate your proposal during the application phases.  It is also important to ensure you have ample validation information on the actual or proposed benefits your technology will have directly on key environmental impacts.  Quantification of these figures is crucial towards a successful application.  Project partners need to be prepared to demonstrate or act as key pilots for the showcase of commercial value of the technology.      

FOUR Phases of Application:

Phase 1

  • Entrepreneurs make an initial application through a Statement of Interest document. The document is designed to give applicants an early assessment of their project’s compliance with SDTC funding criteria before time is invested into a full application.

Phase 2

  • After the project has been screened, applicants are invited to submit a detailed proposal. The Phase two proposal contains a detailed business plan for the proposed technology plus required assessment of its environmental impact. Detailed information regarding the technology, the approach and the team should also be part of the documentation.

Phase 3

  • SDTC Investment Committee and Project Review Committee then reviews a shortlist of potential benefactors and sends the final list to the SDTC Board of Directors for review and approval .

Phase 4

  • The Board reviews and provides final approval of funding where the funds are distributed in principle subject to successful contract negotiations.

draftingSDTC Application Drafting Reference Guide

modelSDTC Environmental Benefit Tables 2016

TalentEdge Program

TalentEdge Program

OCE TalentEdge contains two separate programs detailed below.  This program supports Ontario Students and recent graduates with real-world industry experience.

TalentEdge Internship Program (TIP)

Official weblink: (

Company Eligibility:

  • For-profit company operating in Ontario, must meet cash and in-kind contributions
  • Application due before student start-date with company
  • Company must be in good standing with OCE
  • Company must use the results for the economic, environmental, or social benefit of Ontario

Student Eligibility

  • Students eligible to work in Ontario (corp. intern); Academic must have student status at eligible school
  • Student must be arms-length from business
  • May not apply if enrolled in a co-op program or other equivalent job placement/employment program
  • Not eligible if current or past employees of the company (includes consulting, contractor, part-time etc.)
  • Undergraduate: final year of study (College or University)
    • Max of two 4-month internship units (per student)
  • Graduate Level: Current Masters and PhD students, & recent (within 3-years) Masters grads
    • Masters & recent Masters may hold a max of two 4-month internships per student
    • Recent Master’s graduates are only eligible for company based interns
    • PhD students may hold a max of six 4-month internship units per student.

Project Eligibility:

  • Must be project-based with clear activities, milestones and outcomes
  • Interns can be between 4-24 months in length
  • Must have an R&D component, commensurate with intern’s experience & expertise
  • IP from project will be managed by company, for academic based on institution rules
  • Project reports are due as outlined by OCE project reporting requirements

Funding Amounts: $10,000 against a total $20k min project (5k max in-kind from company)

Application turn around:  Need at least 8-weeks prior to planned start-date of internship

draftingOCE TalentEdge (TIP) Internship Drafting Guide

TalentEdge Fellowship Program (TFP)

Official weblink: (

Company Eligibility:

  • For-profit company operating in Ontario, must meet cash and in-kind contributions
  • Application due before student start-date with company
  • Company must be in good standing with OCE
  • Company must use the results for the economic, environmental, or social benefit of Ontario

Student Eligibility

  • PhD in any discipline completed within the last 5-years
  • May hold a max of two TalentEdge fellowships (consecutive 2-years in total)
  • Fellow must be arms length, no conflicts of interest   
  • Not eligible if current or past employees of the company (includes consulting, contractor, part-time etc.)

Student Eligibility

  • Must be project-based with clear activities, milestones and outcomes
  • Must have an R&D component, commensurate with intern’s experience & expertise
  • IP from project will be managed by company
  • Participants enter into agreement with OCE and co-operate in providing project reports

Funding Amounts:

  • $32,500 per year, + 2.5k in value & professional development
  • Company needs to put in $25,000 cash min, and $25,000 in-kind
    • For full amount, salary must be >$60k per year + in-kind development support of $25k from company. Can apply for 2 years for 2 x $32.5k total.

Application turn around:  Need at least 8-weeks prior to planned start-date of internship

draftingOCE TalentEdge (TFP) Fellowship Drafting Guide

SmartStart Seed Funding

SmartStart Seed Funding

  • Company Eligibility:  (for-profit)
    • Ontario based, Inc <3yrs old, applicant in key position at company
    • Applicant Two streams (Applicants 18-29 yrs old; and >30yrs old)
    • Applicant CND citizen, or permanent resident,
    • Endorsed by Campus Linked Accelerator (CLA) or Regional Innovation Centre (RIC)
    • <$250k in revenue or “significant 3rd party investment”
    • Full list here:
  • Funding Projects Eligibility (Early-Stage Businesses)
    • Launch and/or building startup business stages,
    • Prototype development, 1st customer development
    • Learning conferences, mentoring support, training workshops
    • Professional advisor to assist entrepreneur in launching & building business
  • Funding:
    • 1 to 1 matching cash funding up to $30k – $60k (+ skills training funds)
    • $7.5k for training advisory services and $2.5k for Founder Forum (mandatory)
    • Funding source 3rd party investor or mix of customer revenues (see below)
    • Eligible Funding list here
  • Application Turnaround:  Call for proposal timeline (see below)

Funded via support from FedDev Ontario and the Ontario Centres of Excellence (OCE), this wonderful startup grant funding program specifically targets early youth-based ventures just getting set up and started.  The trick is to certainly be engaged with your local Regional Innovation Centre (RIC) and have been advised for at least 4 months via this engagement, or to be actively involved in a University Campus Linked Accelerator to be eligible.  Matching funding is also required to be proven at application submission time, so you will need copies of bank statements, investor letters, customer POs etc. to verify this 1:1 matching.  The application should focus on traction to-date, highlighting the company’s near-term commercialization potential.  Working with OCE’s Application Support Team is certainly a key advantage to pre-screening, coaching and getting familiar with the program eligibility and additional programs OCE offers.  We like to highlight the word Traction, when it comes to OCE Smart Seed funding, meaning the better you can communicate your value message and show a desired need by a customer group the stronger your chances are for success.  Naturally, the better you can articulate the economic output via jobs, revenue, IP creation, business mentoring and investor preparedness for follow up funding the better your application will be.  For additional tips and tricks see our application template guide.

draftingOCE SmartStart Seed Drafting Guide

Youth led investments:

Funding Eligibility
Up to $30,000 in Seed Funding per start-up – Start-ups founded by young entrepreneurs from the age of 18 to 29

– Strong preference is given to applications that have shown early validation through arm’s-length third-party investment and/or customer sales

Up to $60,000 in Seed Funding per start-up – Start-ups founded by young entrepreneurs from the age of 18 to 29

– A minimum of 50% of the matching contributions must come from arm’s-length third-party investment and/or customer sale

– Strong preference is given to applications that have shown proof of market traction through higher arm’s-length third-party investment and/or customer sales

Non-Youth led investments:

Funding Eligibility
Up to $30,000 in Seed Funding per start-up – Start-ups founded by entrepreneurs from the age of 30+ who do not have at least one youth representative on the founders team

– 1:1 matching cash contributions must come from an arm’s-length third-party investment and/or customer sales

Submission deadlines:
Application Submission Deadlines for all investment streams

Application Initiation Deadline, 11:59 pm on: Application Submission Deadline, 2 pm on:
March 16, 2016 March 23, 2016
July 6, 2016 July 13, 2016
October 5, 2016 October 12, 2016
January 4, 2017 January 11, 2017

Note:  GetGrants does not act as a liaison between your business and the funding agency.  It is the company’s responsibility to contact the agency and its representatives directly and work towards determining application eligibility, requested documentation, and submission. GetGrants supports the internal drafting of key materials as professional and experienced writers for this program.  No contingent fees apply, strictly fixed or hourly agreements.

FedDev IBI

FedDev IBI

  • Official Weblink:
  • Company Eligibility:  (for-profit)
    • High-growth businesses & new entrepreneurs operating in Southern Ontario, CND registered
    • <50 employees, leveraging new Investment from Angel and Capital Investments
    • Investment by Canadian Accredited source: >2 Angels (arms-length) or at least 1 Venture Capitalist, due diligence available (can be US Investors but need to accredit in CND),
    • Have available funding confirmed at start of IBI project request, to match contributions
  • Funding Projects Eligibility (Early-Stage Businesses)
    • Business Development (new hires, building up management, new processes and systems, and improving governance and investment readiness, etc.);
    • Late-stage product development geared towards market diversification & growth;
    • Customer and market development;
    • Implementing marketing and distribution strategies.
  • Funding: Max $1million, but typically between $350-$750k based on 33% project costs; repayable loan structure which starts after project ends (typically 2-3yrs or based on funding cycle timeline).
  • Application Turnaround:  Depends on funding availability, typically 2-3 months


The Investing in Business Innovation (IBI) initiative provides mentorship, entrepreneurial support and financing to help new businesses grow and succeed. The initiative is designed to foster a more competitive Southern Ontario economy by focusing on providing business support to new entrepreneurs, helping them transform their ideas into globally-competitive products and services by increasing their access to advice and private sector investment.  Originally designed towards accelerating the closing of investment deals into for-profit businesses with proper due diligence being conducted by the independent and accredited investors.  This is where the structure of 33 ⅓ % project funding started under IBI; essentially, if $1m VC deal is made into an eligible business, that business could request a $500k IBI loan for a project valued at $1.5m over a set period of time, against eligible spending categories.  

FedDev Ontario delivers a number of programs to help create, retain and grow businesses and cultivate partnerships here in Ontario.  These include such programs as Advanced Manufacturing Fund;  Community Infrastructure Programs; Economic Development Initiatives;  Investing in Business Growth and Productivity (IBGP); IBI; Investing in Commercialization Partnerships and Regional Diversification.  The program also funds various 3rd party programs (AIME, JumpStart, SmartStart Seed Fund, SOFII,  etc.).  The IBI program mentioned here primarily focuses on high-growth business technology enterprises, primarily B2B focused, and with some proven traction established towards becoming a world-leading innovation organization based here in Ontario.

Next Steps towards Applying:

  • Review Materials via above weblink
  • Contact your local FedDev Office to talk with a Business Case Manager
  • Review Application Outline Online & via our Draft template outline below
  • Work directly with your Assigned FedDev rep to determine Eligibility & Next Steps

draftingFedDev IBI Drafting Guide

Note:  GetGrants does not act as a liaison between your business and the funding agency.  It is the company’s responsibility to contact the agency and its representatives directly and work towards determining applications’ next steps, requested documentation, and submission.  GetGrants supports the internal drafting of key materials as professional and experienced writers for this program. No contingent fees apply, strictly fixed or hourly agreements.

Youth Employment Program (YEP)

Youth Employment Program (YEP)

  • Company Eligibility:
    • SME focused <500 employees, incorporated & profit-oriented
    • Screened via direct Investment Technical Advisors (ITAs): setup ( 1-877-994-4727)
    • Enhance company innovation capacity, work with ITA to build trusted relationship
  • Student Eligibility
    • Between 15-30 years of age (first time to YEP program)
    • Min. 6-months in length, max. 12-months
    • A post-secondary graduate, focus on technical opportunities within firm (see below)
    • A CND citizen, permanent resident, or granted refugee status
    • Legally entitled to work in Province of hire
  • Funding Ranges:  based on portion of salary
  • Application Turnaround:  30-60 days, depends on funding cycles works on a April 1st fiscal start

YEP Internship Program:
Application to YEP requires your company to work with the ITA upon candidate assessment for eligibility before an application begins. The program is a cost-share structure typically ranging on length of role and salary. Caps are typically in the $10-20k range. Focus is on a technical opportunity within the firm and on non-technical but technology-related projects such as: R&D, engineering, multimedia, new product or process developments, market analysis for new tech products, business development related to science or tech activities and improvement of customer services etc.

NEW Youth-Green
Similar to the above mentioned YEP program, IRAP has launched a specific “Green” youth placement funding program. Focus aligns to companies who support green economy sectors or industries. The youth internship is expected to produce an environmental benefit. Contact your ITA to find out more.

draftingIRAP (YEP) Drafting Guide

Technology Innovation Project (TIP)

Technology Innovation Project (TIP)

Traditional IRAP R&D Funding (Direct to Company)

  • Official Weblink:
  • SME focused <500 employees, incorporated & for profit-oriented
  • Screened via Investment Technical Advisors (ITAs), Setup Meeting ( 1-877-994-4727)
  • Focus typically on Technology driven product, service, or process innovations
  • Canadian Benefits results oriented (Jobs, Revenues, Exports etc): Focus ON GROWTH
  • Application Turnaround:  30-60 days, depends on funding cycles,
  • NRC-IRAP fiscal, starts on April 1st (best to get in Feb-March or Sept-Dec); Accepts applications on merit basis all year-round, work directly with ITA.
  • Funds Direct Salary, Consultants and some Materials depending on situation.
  • Project funding small (up to $50k), then mid-range ($50-$150k), large scale ($150-$300k), Major Projects can go up to $1m (Special cases for major growth, multi-year).

Amazing fact: NRC (National Research Council of Canada), was first set up by the Government of Canada in 1916. During this 100+ year history it has been responsible for many huge Innovations in fields of cryptology, atomic research, computer animation, the pacemaker, world’s first motorized wheelchair, aviation including Canada’s first astronaut team, vaccines and so much more.  With a presence across Canada NRC is certainly the “go-to” research and technology organization in Canada.

IRAP, born in 1962, is a technical and business-advisory services branch of NRC that provides potential funding to growth-oriented Canadian SMEs, at all stages of the innovation process.  Their Investment Technical Advisors (ITAs) are located across Canada and number about 240+ strong.  Work with these ITAs to provide direct support and guidance on everything from ITAP applications, to networking & business advice.

NOTE: It is important to flag before we move forward that you need to directly establish a connection to an IRAP ITA agent in order to gain access to many of IRAPs programs and funding. This is something that GETGRANTS cannot do for you.  The fastest way to establish this connection is to call NRC-IRAP’s toll-free number at: 1.877.994.4727, and you’ll speak to a clerk, provide some basic company details and get directed towards an ITA in your region or a concierge representative.  Once engaged they typically request additional info such as previous financials, Investor Deck or Business Plan etc.  They assess the business and its management’s capabilities, review financial capabilities, and technical aspects of the project and its impact.

IRAP funding is certainly in our opinion the best source of R&D funding available in Canada,  with well above $250 million in active funding annually.  Working closely with your ITA brings insight into additional funding opportunities, business advice, connections, collaborators etc.  There is no set deadline to apply for IRAP funding, but given the organization runs on a April 1st fiscal start, the best time to apply is early spring or late fall, when IRAP really looks to fill their pipeline with active projects (which typically run anywhere from 6-12+months).  Furthermore, IRAP was awarded an additional $50m in investments for the 2016/17 year and is under new leadership so changes are likely to be very positive moving forward.

So when you’re moving forward towards drafting an application the following is very helpful to keep in mind.  IRAP’s mandate is to stimulate wealth creation for Canada through technological innovation.  The program we’re going to reference is specifically related to the “Contributions to firms”, meaning IRAP has many programs, several direct to SMEs and many to the ecosystem and organizations that support them.  When you seek direct funding working with your assigned ITA is a must.

The typical IRAP application takes on several forms (based on the program, the size of funding etc.), which is why there is no one application to fit them all. For this reason, the template we’re providing simply references the typical style of questions asked and our suggested answers to these questions can help save you time here.  Again you need to receive the official application from your ITA after screening and merit determination directly from this individual.

Helpful Guides:  Click the below Links to open Google Doc

  • IRAP Application Example
  • Budget Example Guide
IRAP Drafting Example

Financial Model Templates

Financial Model Templates

If you’re still setting up basic documentation for your company and haven’t yet created some kind of financial forecast model we suggest you get on it – showcase your growth and assumptions in a clean Financial Model. Typically when you get into the larger grant applications (IRAP, SDTC, FedDev etc) they will request specific month/month forecasts for the company during the grant funding project cycle. They also like to see you’re thinking 3-5+years ahead for growth and funding needs. Each business is different, but the same financial models ultimately apply and express a level of professionalism that most grant agencies expect – Balance Sheet (BS), Income Statement (IS), and Cashflow (CF) all competed with your Revenue projections, Cost estimates, and sources of Funding should all be detailed in this financial plan. So get started with this template:

modelFinancial Model Template

Investor Deck Templates

Investor Deck Templates

One vital document every entrepreneur should have is an up-to-date Investor Deck, which details key aspects of the Business Plan, Product/Services, Competition, Financials and so on. At GetGrants, we appreciate the philosophy behind the 10-Slide Investor Deck promoted by Silicon Valley-based author, speaker, entrepreneur and evangelist Guy Kawasaki. Further helpful tips on how to create a powerful Investor Presentation can be found on the MaRS library page (How to Create a Pitch Deck for Investors). Once you’ve crafted the perfect pitch, to really pack a powerful punch it’s always beneficial to have graphic designer pull everything together for you. Many lean, upstart businesses crowdsource for the right talent via or



Investor Pitch Deck Template (Drafting Guide)

Lean Canvas Model


Often granting agencies ask to see your business plan, typically required as a document to be uploaded in association with your application. Here is a very simple template for a one-page Lean Canvas business model. Using a template cuts down on time and helps succinctly communicate the logic of your Business Plan to the reviewer of your application. For more in-depth guides on the Lean Canvas model, see the following:

Link To our GOOGLE DOC:

canvasLean Canvas Template

Source: Ash Maurya’s lean canvas adaptation of the original google draw template by based on the work of Alexander Ostenwalder ( – Lucas Cervera (

Welcome to Programs

Welcome to Programs

Welcome to our Canadian Grants Guide 
Site contains summary information on key programs 
See program links for updated details!

In these pages we include simple straight forward highlights on Key Government Funding programs for Canadian Technology Firms.  We focus on outlining eligibility, suggested application steps and providing helpful tips for setup and application success.   We also provide some links to Google Doc’s which can help with drafting and template examples.  Please use at your own discretion and we’re here to help if you have any questions.

Where applied we have added the Province applicable (ON, BC etc) which indicate program’s focus, and over time we will build new Program’s into this page and update regularly.  These programs do focus on for-profit, R&D Technology driven businesses based in Canada.

We hope you find value here, & happy to help anytime.



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