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Technology Innovation Project (TIP)

Technology Innovation Project (TIP)

Traditional IRAP R&D Funding (Direct to Company)

  • Official Weblink:  http://www.nrc-cnrc.gc.ca/eng/irap/index.html
  • SME focused <500 employees, incorporated & for profit-oriented
  • Screened via Investment Technical Advisors (ITAs), Setup Meeting ( 1-877-994-4727)
  • Focus typically on Technology driven product, service, or process innovations
  • Canadian Benefits results oriented (Jobs, Revenues, Exports etc): Focus ON GROWTH
  • Application Turnaround:  30-60 days, depends on funding cycles,
  • NRC-IRAP fiscal, starts on April 1st (best to get in Feb-March or Sept-Dec); Accepts applications on merit basis all year-round, work directly with ITA.
  • Funds Direct Salary, Consultants and some Materials depending on situation.
  • Project funding small (up to $50k), then mid-range ($50-$150k), large scale ($150-$300k), Major Projects can go up to $1m (Special cases for major growth, multi-year).

Amazing fact: NRC (National Research Council of Canada), was first set up by the Government of Canada in 1916. During this 100+ year history it has been responsible for many huge Innovations in fields of cryptology, atomic research, computer animation, the pacemaker, world’s first motorized wheelchair, aviation including Canada’s first astronaut team, vaccines and so much more.  With a presence across Canada NRC is certainly the “go-to” research and technology organization in Canada.

IRAP, born in 1962, is a technical and business-advisory services branch of NRC that provides potential funding to growth-oriented Canadian SMEs, at all stages of the innovation process.  Their Investment Technical Advisors (ITAs) are located across Canada and number about 240+ strong.  Work with these ITAs to provide direct support and guidance on everything from ITAP applications, to networking & business advice.

NOTE: It is important to flag before we move forward that you need to directly establish a connection to an IRAP ITA agent in order to gain access to many of IRAPs programs and funding. This is something that GETGRANTS cannot do for you.  The fastest way to establish this connection is to call NRC-IRAP’s toll-free number at: 1.877.994.4727, and you’ll speak to a clerk, provide some basic company details and get directed towards an ITA in your region or a concierge representative.  Once engaged they typically request additional info such as previous financials, Investor Deck or Business Plan etc.  They assess the business and its management’s capabilities, review financial capabilities, and technical aspects of the project and its impact.

IRAP funding is certainly in our opinion the best source of R&D funding available in Canada,  with well above $250 million in active funding annually.  Working closely with your ITA brings insight into additional funding opportunities, business advice, connections, collaborators etc.  There is no set deadline to apply for IRAP funding, but given the organization runs on a April 1st fiscal start, the best time to apply is early spring or late fall, when IRAP really looks to fill their pipeline with active projects (which typically run anywhere from 6-12+months).  Furthermore, IRAP was awarded an additional $50m in investments for the 2016/17 year and is under new leadership so changes are likely to be very positive moving forward.

So when you’re moving forward towards drafting an application the following is very helpful to keep in mind.  IRAP’s mandate is to stimulate wealth creation for Canada through technological innovation.  The program we’re going to reference is specifically related to the “Contributions to firms”, meaning IRAP has many programs, several direct to SMEs and many to the ecosystem and organizations that support them.  When you seek direct funding working with your assigned ITA is a must.

The typical IRAP application takes on several forms (based on the program, the size of funding etc.), which is why there is no one application to fit them all. For this reason, the template we’re providing simply references the typical style of questions asked and our suggested answers to these questions can help save you time here.  Again you need to receive the official application from your ITA after screening and merit determination directly from this individual.

Helpful Guides:  Click the below Links to open Google Doc

  • IRAP Application Example
  • Budget Example Guide
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