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Smart Advanced Tech for Global Growth (ATGG)

Smart Advanced Tech for Global Growth (ATGG)

CME-Smart stands for the Canadian Manufacturers & Exporters grant funding agency, an Ontario-focused program with several different priority areas:   FedNor (Northern Ontario), FedDev (Southern Ontario), and Smart Green (Ontario).  For full eligibility and program details see official website here:http://www.cme-smart.ca/ GetGrants does not contact the Agency on our clients’ behalf; you are encouraged to develop this contact directly.  

Smart Advanced Tech for Global Growth (ATGG)

Official Weblink: http://www.cme-smart.ca/#!feddev-en/cfvg

Contact: 1.877.913.4263 or info@cme-smart.ca

Timeline: Accept applications anytime, reviewed by external panel

Company Eligibility: (for-profit enterprises)

  • Manufacture based in Southern Ontario (unlike FedNor and Green fund, which cover all Ont)
  • Incorporated for at least 2 years, demonstrated financial stability
  • Must be SME business between 15-1000 employees in southern Ontario
  • Demonstrate Export sales (going to export near-term, or are selling into value chain leading to export)
  • Adapting or adopting advanced tech that improves competitiveness, growth, create jobs, increases exports

Funding Projects Eligibility:

  • Must be new project, or less than 50% done and <6-months old. Will not cover previous costs
  • Deposit on equipment can be considered, however if assets are delivered, not applicable to budget
  • A capital lease is considered a purchase; excluded if signed prior to CME application submission
  • Projects are 12 months in length (from start date) – complex project might exceed 1yr with special notice
  • Only one project will be funded per corporation
  • Project to be completed by June 30th, 2017 (final reports no later than Sept 30th 2017)

Funding: Assessments: $15k or 50% of matching eligible costs;  Project Funding: 35% to $100,000

Turnaround: Typically 45-60 days from submission, need to keep in contact with agency

CME-Smart is a heavy demand application here in Ontario, so applicants are highly encouraged to connect with a CME-Smart agent to discuss project nature and outcomes first before drafting an application.  GetGrants helps with the drafting and research side of these applications and does not contact the CME-Agency.  Project benefits must be articulated in a clear, high-impact way to reflect the strategic benefits to the company, the plant, and future benefits for both the client, the community and/or industry you serve.  Applicants are required to show well-crafted benefits calculations via Business proposals, Capital ROI tables etc., and to detail how these improvements drive new exports, jobs, and revenues for the company.   

The program does have two parts (an Advanced Tech Assessments funding part, with $15k in matching non-repayable contribution – limited to assessing company performance measure via qualified professional examination of facility.  The second fund, Advanced Technology Adaptation/Adoption Projects, is a $100k 35% capped full program that focuses on eligible costs such as plant equipment, installation, and consulting fees directly related to the project implementation.  

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