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BC Tech Co-op grants

BC Tech Co-op grants

The BC Tech Co-op Program is delivered through co-op departments at British Columbia post-secondary institutions.  The focus is on supporting student training and job readiness through work terms directly with small firms in the technology field.

Official weblink: http://bcic.ca/programs_initiatives/current/bc-tech-co-op-grants-program/

Program Contact: programs@bcic.ca or 604-602-5220.

Company Eligibility:

  • Established in BC and have less than 99 employees on payroll
  • Tech firm focused, includes non-profit organizations in tech sector, and non-tech firms hiring tech roles
  • Minimum of one co-op term which is typically 16 weeks
  • If a company has hired a co-op student in the last 5-years, grants are limited to a first-term co-ops Provide student with productive work during the placement
  • Provide a fair market wage to the student, and include supervision and performance evaluation

Student Eligibility:

  • Eligibility determined by the institution who helps align students with the suitable job (tech related)
  • If a student is in an 8-month co-op placement they are still eligible, and can receive subsequent funding for the next 4 months.  

Funding Ranges:

  • Employers receive $2,700 towards a co-op student’s salary
  • Eligible to a max of four grants each per fiscal year (total $10,800)
  • Payment will be made before the last month of the co-op term

Application turnaround:  10 days, typically:  The Summer, Fall, Spring are currently the best times to engage the process. It is best to apply early as co-op program departments start the recruitment process at least 4 months prior to start of work term. (Next deadlines: Nov. 1st 2016 and March 1st 2017)

Interested companies apply to a local post-secondary co-op program, where the institution program will review the employer’s job posting and advise the employer if the position meets standards for the program.