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CME Smart -Green Program

CME Smart -Green Program

The Government of Ontario is launching a new $25 million SMART Green program for small and medium enterprises this Summer 2016.   Details are pending on the program to be launched this Fall 2016.  Focus will be on SMEs seeking to adopt reduction of greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions and to improve their facility energy efficiency and productivity.  The new program will be delivered with the same methodology as the current SMART program and as such we suspect the following criteria will apply:  

Official Weblink:http://www.cme-smart.ca/#!feddev-en/cfvg

Contact: 1.877.913.4263 orinfo@cme-smart.ca

Timeline: to be launched Fall 2016

Company Eligibility: (for-profit enterprises)

  • Ontario Manufacturers
  • Incorporated for at least 2 years, demonstrated financial stability
  • Must be SME business between 15-1000 employees in southern Ontario
  • Demonstrate Export sales (going to export near-term, or are selling into value chain leading to export)
  • Adapting or adopting advanced tech that improves competitiveness, growth, create jobs, increases exports

Funding Projects Eligibility:

  • Must be new project, or less than 50% done and <6-months old. Will not cover previous costs
  • Deposit on equipment can be considered; however if assets are delivered not/applicable to budget
  • A capital lease is considered a purchase; not applicable if signed prior to CME application submission
  • Projects are 12 months in length (from start date) – complex project might exceed 1yr with special notice
  • Only one project will be funded per corporation


Turnaround: Typically 45-60 days from submission, need to keep in contact with agency