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The NSERC funding agency (Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council) runs a key Co-op funding program called USRA (Undergraduate Student Research Award), which is eligible for any 2nd-4th year student who is in a full-time natural science and engineering degree program. This technically has two parts and can be an academic or industry funded position.  Typically we’re dealing with companies directly so below we detail instructions necessary to apply as a company hosting an eligible co-op.

Official weblink: http://www.nserc-crsng.gc.ca/Students-Etudiants/UG-PC/USRA-BRPC_eng.asp

Company Eligibility:

  • Any size organization is able to apply for the NSERC-USRA program
  • Create an online profile (best to set up with key company individual (On-line System Registration)
  • Present a technical project for the co-op participant to work on
  • Duration must be 16 consecutive weeks on a full-time basis
  • Minimum cash contribution of $1,125  

Student Eligibility:

  • be a Canadian citizen or permanent resident of Canada
  • be registered at the time you apply in a bachelor’s degree program at an eligible university
  • have obtained over the previous years of a study a cumulative average of at least “B” or “B-,”
  • Students enrolled in an undergraduate professional degree program in health science or holding a higher degree in natural sciences or engineering are not eligible.
  • Can hold a max of three USRAs throughout your university career

Funding Ranges:

  • $4,500 from NSERC + Min of $1,125 from supervisor company

Application turnaround:

  • Due within first 2 months of the applicant’s start-date, typically awarded within 3 weeks of applying

The application process is somewhat unique in that both the co-op applicant needs to create an NSERC profile account, and the company (via one of its employees) will also create an account.  In the NSERC system the co-op will first create an account and fill out their application portion under (Student) and Form 202 Part 1.  This includes uploading an official transcript ordered from the school.  Once complete they submit this and share the Reference Number back to the company.   Next the company portion requires an employee to also create an account and under (Form-Partners) complete a company profile (Form 183B– which provides details on the company), and then Form 202 Part 2 – which is the application linking to the student form via the student reference.   

Naturally here at GetGrants we take care of this entire procedure for our clients and help support the process when co-ops are hired and eligible for this funding.  Contact us today for further support details.