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Youth Employment Program (YEP)

Youth Employment Program (YEP)

  • Company Eligibility:
    • SME focused <500 employees, incorporated & profit-oriented
    • Screened via direct Investment Technical Advisors (ITAs): setup ( 1-877-994-4727)
    • Enhance company innovation capacity, work with ITA to build trusted relationship
  • Student Eligibility
    • Between 15-30 years of age (first time to YEP program)
    • Min. 6-months in length, max. 12-months
    • A post-secondary graduate, focus on technical opportunities within firm (see below)
    • A CND citizen, permanent resident, or granted refugee status
    • Legally entitled to work in Province of hire
  • Funding Ranges:  based on portion of salary
  • Application Turnaround:  30-60 days, depends on funding cycles works on a April 1st fiscal start

YEP Internship Program:
Application to YEP requires your company to work with the ITA upon candidate assessment for eligibility before an application begins. The program is a cost-share structure typically ranging on length of role and salary. Caps are typically in the $10-20k range. Focus is on a technical opportunity within the firm and on non-technical but technology-related projects such as: R&D, engineering, multimedia, new product or process developments, market analysis for new tech products, business development related to science or tech activities and improvement of customer services etc.

NEW Youth-Green
Similar to the above mentioned YEP program, IRAP has launched a specific “Green” youth placement funding program. Focus aligns to companies who support green economy sectors or industries. The youth internship is expected to produce an environmental benefit. Contact your ITA to find out more.

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