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Export Market Access

Export Market Access

Run by the Ontario Chambers of Commerce (https://ontario.org/); this program specifically helps support the costs of developing foreign market oppotunities by covering the costs of travel to engage in direct meetings for developing export sales.  Focused on SMEs you’re encouraged to work directly with trade commissioners located within the foreign region to both provide recommendations to this application but also open new doors for you within these new foreign markets.  To get connected with foreign trade commissioners, check out this link.

Official Weblink:http://exportaccess.ca/en/faq

Contacts: Louie DiPalma (416.482.5222 ex 2270) and Jeff Mamic (ext 2434)

Company Eligibility:

  • SMEs that employ more than 5 employees to a max. of 500.
  • Annual sales of $500,000 or more
  • Organization established in Ontario with registration federally or provincially for at least 2 years
  • No other funding from government funds towards project activities

Funding Eligibility:

  • Market Research, Marketing Tools, Direct Contacts and Foreign bidding projects
  • Direct Contacts:  International trade-shows, exhibits (verifiable via 3rd party government trade agency)
  • Marketing Tools:  Developing promotional materials to increase international buyers
  • Market Research:  Conducting market research for more precise international market targeting
  • Foreign Bidding Projects  Fees included on bidding on foreign projects against foreign competitors


  • 50% of eligible costs recovered to a cap of $30,000
  • Two applications allowed within a 12-month period of time
  • Tracking of receipts and reporting criteria necessary

Application turnaround: Must be at least 4-6 weeks before travel

Applications are done via an online portal (link here); with an expected turnaround of review within 30 days.  Best to follow up your application directly with a contact at the Chambers of Commerce.

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